Learn how to love part 3

So what is love? Love - is a job. Yes, my friends love is nothing but every day and stressful work. The only question is: as something actually is about to work, then have I do empathy, selflessness, sacrifice and selflessness again, tolerance. Here's something to work with, when we talk about love. And when you decide to learn how to love someone, you first learn to sympathize, empathize, to understand the suffering of others, to see when the other patients, and to suffer from it in the same degree that suffers the one you love.


Learn how to love part 2

It is necessary to improve every day. Man is obliged every day to do something that would strengthen its perfection. To perfect means to get better. Better - it does not mean better in something specific, but absolutely everything. It is impossible to improve in something specific, to become, for example, an outstanding musician and still consider him as a perfect man. The process of improvement of man - is the process of a very, very long. And the process of improving a person cannot be reduced to a few tens of years.