How to understand others on the Internet?

The actions of others cause us a variety of emotions and feelings (in this case I mean the feeling, as an emotional human process reflects a subjective estimate related to all sorts of objects). Other people are perceived by us, depending on the emotions and the feelings which they have caused. We can experience a variety of emotions to people, and depending on it to be with people in different ways, which determine certain conditions. So, I'm talking with you about those emotions which we feel for other people, and about the conditions in which we find ourselves in relation to others.


How to make the first step to the relationships on the Internet?

Most of people understand that before you learn to run, you must learn to walk, and to go before you need to be able to stand on his feet, but before getting to his feet, very much to have to crawl. Having started to crawl, and then getting to his feet, a man learns to walk. Learning to walk, a person can learn to run. This is understandable and it makes no sense to prove it and write an article on this topic.

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