What is love? And let the whole world wait!

I’m in love! And the city is different. And people are just good. And it feels kind of like lively, interesting, beautiful, and young vibrations. And do not go, do not even running away - fly away. I’m ready to move mountains - for the sake of a single glance. All this sparks unbridled energy, presenting it once the whole world. And where only a desire to give comes from? You are in love, and it seems like the whole town, the whole country, the planet ... a wave of elation, euphoria rises in the chest. Breathe and live in love itself.


Love on the internet - is it possible?

This article is dedicated to those who spend their precious time in search for his love through the Internet. Also, this article is for those who think that they have found their love via free text chat on the Internet. Also, this article will be very useful to those who, as they seem to have lost their love, which, as they thought they had found on the internet.

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