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TalkToStrangers is a social chat portal, focused on providing communication services between people on the Internet. To carry out our goal, TalkToStrangers has a social network with personal profiles and a system of free chats based on a network of IRC (chat) over the Internet allowing communication services in real time, integrating these services with our Social Network web offering a versatile and scalable service. The network of free chat TalkToStrangers has many chat rooms organized by category.

The organizations will countries, regions or cities such as interest or topic. To ensure the quality and maintenance of our services, there is a group of people who deal with managing and maintaining the nodes, websites, and chat rooms. Specific programs that automate tasks such as bots within the IRC network are also used. We also have our own development team, allowing us to be constantly evolving constantly adapting to the needs of our users.

Our development team is responsible for both the development of the Text hat and the services and systems that allow free chat via IRC. We invite you to register in our text chat or to make us a visit at our online chat; you do not need to even register. If you like you can register for all our services and can enjoy all our services. Do not hesitate, we hope. And if you have any questions do not hesitate to consult with our representatives in chat or email.