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Live chatting has its benefits out there for the world to see. Users have real-time access to each other without any disruptions. This feature makes communication with one another all the more seamless and advanced. It is no hidden fact that people see mobile text chatting as an incomplete means of communication. This is because someone can write any text on their handle and send it to the receiver while they mean something else. With the free live chat, this is different. There is much lesser time available to respond, so you can expect much faster interaction with your chat partner and share all you need to in no time at all.

Start Live Chat with Real People

If you need to get the most of live chat services, you need to chat with an actual person. We all know how annoying it is when a machine misunderstands our attempt to communicate and send spam messages our way. No one needs live chatting from a boring machine; this is why we have all you need to engage in human-to-human communication. When you live chat free with our service, you have access to people from all walks of life for potential connection and friendship. At, you have all you need to get live chatting for free.

You can start live chatting right now and make good use of your access to the internet. There are a lot of benefits that can be drawn from the live chat service, and we’ll show you what you stand to gain from making use of the live chat.

Benefits for our users

Our live chat service treats users to the safest and most secure means of online communication. Our dedicated security efforts targeted at limiting the activities of hackers/spammers on our site.

Our live chat service makes it possible for sustained social interaction as you can access our platform at any time of day or night. There are no breaks in our service delivery to ensure there are no breaks in your communication.

Our Rules

  • You have to be 13 years old to be eligible for registration into our live chat platform
  • There is no long registration process needed to be on the live chat, you only need to register a unique username
  • You are not allowed to post external links of any kind that could refer a user from our live chat service. It is also prohibited to post phone numbers, or third-party site IDs.
  • You are obliged to instantly report to the administrator or moderator any user you suspect of attempting to exploit other users.
  • Users are not allowed to create usernames in an attempt to flood the live chat room. A permanent ban will be given to any user confirmed to be engaging in room-flooding activities.
  • Users are advised to keep personal information away from other people in the chat room. If you share sensitive information with another user, our service absolves itself from any responsibility to protect your privacy.
  • Staff moderators are mandated to regulate the activities of chat room users and prevent online bullying and other illicit activities. However, note that the moderator for your chat room could be offline some times in a day.
  • Hackers are not allowed on the live chat room. Any hacker noticed by our team will receive a permanent ban. This is in line with our policy to ensure that the live chat room is a safe and secure platform for establishing better connections.
  • The live chat service also has a wall where information made public by users can be accessed freely. The service also has the friends system, making it easier to make lasting social connections. However, this service is restricted to registered users only.
  • If you wish to select another chat room apart from the live chat service, you can select from our various chat rooms tailored to suit your needs. But you must meet the requirements of the chat room to be a registered user.