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Privacy Policy

In compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 December Protection of Personal Data (Act), and other legislation that is applicable and / or replace that with all the information received on the web, Chat network, through other services and mechanisms, through consultation, sending data, records, or any other means established by TalkToStrangers for collecting user information it will be treated with the strictest and absolute confidentiality.

Data files TalkToStrangers pursuant to the previous Act are enrolled in the Data Protection Agency, the user can retrieve data from the data processor responsible and on the website of the Data Protection Agency. All users who provide their data TalkToStrangers through the web, network chat or other mechanisms established for that purpose shall have the rights of access, rectification and / or deletion of data as recognized by the LOPD, without opposition as well as the right to revoke the consent given for the transfer of data.

The rights mentioned may be exercised in writing at the address of the owner of the website provided in the Responsible to the inception of these conditions or by email to Specifically, TalkToStrangers offers a Chat and Social Network whose purpose is communication between different people. TalkToStrangers is not responsible for the personal data that the user can provide directly to the third parties or order that they can do the same later.

Purpose of data

TalkToStrangers collects certain personal information are freely entered by the user in order to be able to use the various services offered by us. TalkToStrangers reports that automatically manage this data for the administration, expansion, and improvement of its services and for technical and commercial purposes on the services offered. In any case, the data collected and processed by TalkToStrangers are only essential for the purposes outlined above. Some data may be publicly shown through TalkToStrangers services, such as service profiles.

In this case, the user will have the option to decide which data wants to be public and to whom the show and what will be private. TalkToStrangers also collects certain basic data from publicly available sources in order to perform business tasks on the services the company provides.

Data transfer

There is no transfer of data, by TalkToStrangers, to third parties outside TalkToStrangers completely, except for those data that the user voluntarily make public through their profile. By accepting this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use accepts, the user that their data may be transferred to companies and / or projects with identical social composition TalkToStrangers or in which the person in charge of data processing have a majority in the composition social, in any case, these data will be processed for the same purposes as for TalkToStrangers.

TalkToStrangers informs the USER that by adhering to the Privacy Policy and Terms of consents to the necessary and essential communication of data to manage the services hired, communication linked to the very purpose for which the data were entered and therefore related to the free and legitimate acceptance of the legal relationship between the user and TalkToStrangers, whose development, compliance and control mean necessary communication of these data.

Data security

The personal data that have been obtained through the web, network chat or other mechanisms used by TalkToStrangers will have the necessary protection to prevent alteration, loss, or unauthorized access and guarantee its integrity and safety, even once the relationship between users and TalkToStrangers. However, TalkToStrangers is not responsible for any incidents that may arise from personal data when they arise: An attack or unauthorized access to systems so that it is impossible to detect or prevent even adopting the necessary measures according to the state of current technology, and a lack of diligence of the user as the guardianship and custody of the passwords and personal data.

Accuracy of data

The user is responsible for the accuracy of their data, agreeing not to enter false data and to proceed to rectify them if necessary. TalkToStrangers available to the user means you can proceed to the modification of your data. It is allowed to make this change from the control panel for the user on the website and chat, which is accessed through the keys obtained from the user record; hence the user must be especially diligent in the care and custody of these keys. You represent that when you do not enter your personal details but those of a third party authorized by it for its introduction.

Cookies policy

TalkToStrangers website to provide the services described above, and its operation is optimal, and to provide a personalized user experience in navigation uses cookies. Cookies can be own website and cookies offered by third parties (i.e. Cookies that are used to generate statistics such as Google Analytics or some specific content). Cookies are files that are installed on the computer from which you access our website for the purposes described on this page.

These cookies are only associated with the browser of a particular computer or device and are necessary for the provision of certain services such as statistical studies TalkToStrangers access or to allow recognition of the users who are registered on our website. Whenever you have not activated the option that prevents the installation of cookies on your hard drive, the user can explore on your disk to get more details on each server from which cookies and the information they contain are sent.

Cookies cannot read the files or information stored on the user's computer. TalkToStrangers installs cookies for the identification of registered users on the website. Also, employs the use of cookies to enable tracking of users on the chat service through the web. These cookies store data on user sessions and connections made to chat.