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You are welcome at our text gay chat, here you can communicate and have text conversations with randomly chosen people from all around the world anytime and anywhere you want. Thousands of interesting people are waiting just for you. Meet new friends, flirt with somebody, have fun and enjoy our chat! .When you enter the gay chat, you'll see a window with the current conversation. The right panel shows the participants in the room. Write messages at the bottom of the window. You can format the text of your message using the buttons on the free gay chat save toolbar. Click the Send button or press the Enter / Return on your keyboard to send the message to the current chat conversation.

Our Main Rules

  • Don’t insult our users while using our text chat;
  • Any kind of advertisement that is orientated on other resources, services or text chats is
  • prohibited;
  • Act politely and you may find a few new friends in short time!;

Benefits for our users

Sometimes life seem hard and lonely, when you can’t find some to talk with because of lack of time, caused by work, or studies With our chat you can find new friends, have a jolly conversations about different subjects, flirt with potential partner. Our chat is totally free, there are no hidden fees, and no registration demanded. Our main goal is absolute freedom in relationships and communication for everyone, regardless of nationality or sexual orientation of our users. Join our chat and have a great time with our users and, who know, maybe you’ll find true love of your life just tonight?

Private chat

Click the name of the person and select Whisper to send a private message without leaving gay chat room. You can also double-click on its name. Click on a name and select Private Chat to start a private conversation with the selected person. The private chat window opens in a different tab. Our free gay chat rooms will always be the first tab on the left. When a new message arrives in the private chat, the tab will show a dialog icon Save Chat. When the other user is typing a pencil Save Chat icon will be displayed on the tab at gay text chat window. To select a private chat click on the appropriate tab. To switch between the tabs you can also use Alt + Left and Alt + Right. You can directly select the tab by pressing Alt + 0, Alt + 1, and beyond. To close a private chat, click the Close button beneath the tab at free gay text chat window.

Blocking Users

To ignore a user at our free gay chat text site you can click on your name and select Block User. Your name will be deleted from the list of participants. It means you will not see messages from this person in our gay chat text.

State selector

In the lower right corner, you will see the button Available / Away. Press to indicate to others if you are available at gay sex text chat or not. Press to switch between one state and another. A grey-colored nick means that the user is not available.

Navigation between rooms

Press the button Save Chat Rooms in the upper right corner of random gay text chat to open the dialog Salas that lets you navigate between different rooms already created or even create a new one.


In our gay text sex chat click the Options button Save Chat in the upper right corner to modify different chat options, such as your avatar or playing sounds. To read the gay chat room text more easily you can turn off the option View custom fonts and colors. You can also use the option to use large fonts for easy reading.

Chat history

Press the Record button to record text chat gay conversation to your computer as .txt file or web page. This is handy to read your conversation later. Join us today and have a great time!