Love on the internet - is it possible?

This article is dedicated to those who spend their precious time in search for his love through the Internet. Also, this article is for those who think that they have found their love via free text chat on the Internet. Also, this article will be very useful to those who, as they seem to have lost their love, which, as they thought they had found on the internet. And I would very much like if this article is emphasized those who are not going to look for love on the internet, but who are at risk along with all to be deceived by their illusions and misconceptions and mistaken for love a completely different state, which often occurs between two people who communicating on the internet And it's not that my love cannot be found via the Internet; it is theoretically possible, and in the article, I'll show you an example of how this can be done. The fact that the searching for love on the Internet is the longest, incorrect and very risky path is the path, which usually ends as the     failure. And even the theoretical possibility of gaining the love via the internet (which I'll discuss) - is nothing more than a "technical term", saying that no love was found on the Internet, and was found by a man who, after observing a great many conditions You can fall in love.

As a rule, all those categories of Internet users, which I have recommended in the article, make the same mistake.

Your mistake is that you admit the possibility of the love on the Internet, but not in real life, and some of you are looking for love not in real life, and through communication on the Internet, by means of communication on the Internet. Communicating on the Internet, you can find only in the spirit of a loved one, not even a person, not a companion and nothing more. And a good relationship with the interlocutor is only possible where you found it, namely the Internet, but not in real life.

In real life, we are absolutely not that kind of persons instead on the Internet. We are not worse and not better, we are just different. In real life, each of us is not only the source, but also a man, and not always pleasant. Alas, it is easy to be good company on the Internet and thus, in reality, be an unpleasant person. And when you say (or you think) that you are someone loved, thanks to one only communicate on the Internet, then ... It's not even confusing, is not it more likely - naivety. Finding out someone one-sixth, and the other person on the Internet - it is, at most, one-sixth of the person you are supplementing the rest of this companion of his imagination and his dreams. You authorize his interlocutor characteristics, it is not peculiar.   

Person’s ideas, his thoughts, his imagination, his dreams, his plans, his goals, his work (eg poetry, or his music, his books, his paintings, etc.) - this is not the whole person, it is ego merely his spirit. Even without a soul, but only his inner world. Learning person via the Internet or revealing him through the internet, you open up a spiritual essence and nothing more, and you recognize someone only as a spiritual essence, and not even all of the spiritual essence, and in the best part of you becomes available. And it may be that you become accessible to the understanding of one-sixth of a man may be an exaggeration.

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