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What Makes People Cheat on the One They Love?

Many people view cheating as wrong and abhorrent to entertain, but few people actually know the reasons behind the sexual escapades from a cheating partner. It is a fact that all things can’t be a hundred percent in a relationship, but when infidelity kicks in, things could go bad really fast if the non-cheating partner gets to know.

A cheater may seem to have legitimate reasons for their sexual betrayal, and some have been known to be bold and even call for an end to the relationship when their partner catches them in the act. It isn’t easy for some to come up with this decision as we’ll be seeing shortly, but some just have next to no reason to seek sex outside their relationship.

They Want the Relationship to End

Cheating on a partner can end a relationship quickly, and that’s why some people engage in it. When a partner becomes disillusioned with the direction of the relationship and has tried other subtle means to end things without success, open cheating is normally a last resort. It is a fact that many partners in relationships can handle dealing with a rude partner or even an abusive one, but a cheater is a universal no-no. A cheating partner could want the relationship ended and this could fuel their infidelity to never-before-seen levels.

They Want to See What Their Partner Will Do When They Get to Know

Some partners in relationships could be keen to know how their partner will relate to a cheating situation. Some may see it as a prank, but if you have an aggressive partner, the smile could go right off your face in moments. It is a good thing to know how a partner will react to cheating, but it is a dangerous path some people take that has led to many unhappy and unhealthy relationships today.

They No Longer Find Their Partner Attractive

This is one of the most heart-breaking reasons for cheating, and the non-cheating partner could develop emotional issues as a result. It is possible for a relationship to take form because of a physical attraction between one or both parties. This is one reason why it is dangerous to get into a relationship because of the physique of your partner as the love in the relationship may easily give way to cheating when the thrill fades.

They Want Something Extra On the Side

This is a selfish reason, but it is also one of the major causes of cheating in a relationship. A partner may desire a sex fantasy fulfilled while their partner doesn’t share the same feeling. When repeated attempts have been made to get the partner to come around fail, then the outdoors is the next destination. Some people have a very low ability to understand things from the side of their mate and this leads to cheating.

They Seek a Remedy to Emotional Hurt

When a partner experiences emotional hurt in a relationship, cheating could be one option they find hard to ignore. It is dangerous to be an emotional bully in a relationship as you could easily push your partner into unfaithfulness.

They Need Sexual Gratification

It is a fact that men have a higher libido, but women also cheat because of this too. Some relationships have healthy, two-sided sex lives while some other relationships are sadly one-sided when it comes to sex. A partner needing full sexual satisfaction they can’t get from their partner is more likely to become a cheater in no time at all. Sometimes, there are partners that can’t be satisfied and will always look for more sex elsewhere.

A Means of Coping with Sexual Neglect

When a partner is denied sex in a relationship, it could lead to easy cheating. Sex creates a special bond in a relationship and when this important ingredient is neglected; there is a high chance of unfaithfulness in the works. It isn’t advised to keep your partner waiting because of an engagement at work or a social function – they could easily get what you aren’t sharing somewhere else.

Low Self-Esteem

Some people cheat on their partner to make themselves feel more relevant. It may seem crazy, but it’s actually true. A partner with a low self-esteem is more inclined to look for a way to prove their worth in a relationship. This can easily prompt them to begin having sex with other people if it makes them feel more valuable.

They Loved Someone Else After Meeting You

Love can be very certain at times, but it can also be a very radical feeling. Many people have been engaged in cheating because of a new-found love. Don’t take it personal if you aren’t the cheating partner, it’s just love at work.

They Desire an Adventure

Adventures aren’t restricted to sailors and treasure hunters, many people cheat because of their need to get more strikes under their belt. This is another selfish reason, and may lead to a good relationship ending abruptly.

Cheating destroys trust very fast. It is something that you shouldn’t try when you may be in a lot of trouble afterwards. Think it through before taking any rash action you’ll instantly regret.