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How to Get Over a Breakup – What to Do to Help Deal with Heartbreak

Being in a relationship has many benefits for both partners, but all that could suddenly end after a breakup. It may not be your fault the relationship ended, but you still have to deal with that sharp pain in your stomach when your dreams for the relationship just got dashed.

There are incidents where breakups have led to suicide when some people that can’t entertain the present state of events. A breakup is a major catalyst for a feeling of rejection and guilt in ex-partners, and can also lead to a development of low self-esteem. Let’s not forget that a “what could have been” feeling can also drive some people in a recent breakup to act very differently and be drawn back from the world.

Step 1: Believe there’s Something Better on the Way

When a breakup happens, the possibility of feeling rejected is very high. What you need to do is instantly hold the belief that there is a better person coming. This helps to build your self-esteem, and you won’t feel much from the heart break.

Step 2: Erase Everything That Could Remind You of the Breakup

Immediately after the breakup, you may be tempted to keep all the possessions of your ex nearby to be closer to them in a way. This isn’t advisable as it could sink you into more heartbreak. What you need to get done is the exact opposite, clear off everything that reminds you of such a person and the relationship. If it happens you guys were living together before the heartbreak, change something about the house to make you forget easily. With time, you’ll notice your ability to do without your ex increase.

Step 3: Maintain Constant Social Ties

After a breakup, some people may feel being a hermit is the best way to handle the pain. Well, to keep the pain ay bay you have to remain social. When you keep talking to friends and loved ones, and visit regularly if possible, you won’t notice when you start forgetting about that failed relationship. Keeping social connections is important as it makes you feel more relaxed in tense situations, and help deal with the breakup.

Step 4: Delete Your Ex’s Contact Information

Taking this step doesn’t mean that you didn’t actually love that partner; it’s simply for your good after a breakup. You have to reason that love has its troubled moments, and both parties need to work to make it work. When your partner chickens out, don’t hesitate to kick them out of your life completely.

The contact information of a partner is one thing that may be hard to forget. Some partners have their significant other’s number deep in their memory. You have to delete the contact details of your ex from your contact list, and your mind in general.

Step 5: Start Something New

Out with the old, and in with the new should be what’s at the back of your mind right now. When you want to quickly get over heartbreak, the most important step is to start something new. You can start by taking up a new hobby, doing something extra work, etc. Adding a new activity to your life after a break up will help reduce the pain you could have felt if you were just laying on the couch watching TV. When you are constantly engaged after a breakup, you may not even notice you just broke up with someone.

Step 6: Return to What You Ditched Because of a Partner

There is a likelihood that you may have loved a particular food or activity, and your partner made you lose taste for them. Spending lots of time with a partner could affect our likes and dislikes, and it’ll be more painful if you keep doing what your ex loves. Focus on what you liked doing before the relationship began, and you can draw more satisfaction for yourself and fend off further heartbreak.

Step 7: Take a Vacation

Going on a trip immediately after a breakup has the ability to reduce any bad feeling. When you’re on vacation, you’re likely to meet new people and get to know new places. This keeps your mind off thinking about that recent heartbreak. Taking a vacation also helps when you return to your place of residence as it would feel like the breakup took place over a year ago even if it just happened a week before.

Step 8: Desist from a “What Could Have Been” Stance

When the breakup has happened, there’s nothing you can do. Breakups keep hurting because people can’t deal with an abrupt end. They constantly reflect on what may have been if the relationship continued. This will only hurt you and make it less likely for you to get over the breakup. Don’t think about the good times you guys shared together as that could have a stabbing effect in your stomach when heartbreak happens.

Step 9: Keep Off Dating for a While

The urge to jump on the next relationship train is stronger after a breakup, but you have to control yourself. There is a tendency of people being a bit unstable immediately after a breakup. Take time for the hurt to heal and for your confidence to return before thinking about giving love another chance.

Step 10: Don’t Think About What Went Wrong

Self-blame could make the breakup to be more painful, so ensure you don’t think about what you may have done to cause your partner to call it quits. Remain focused on other stuff and you’ll gradually forget even if you did something wrong.

Breakups are hard to deal with. But with the right approach to the present situation, it will become easier to handle. Think about yourself and stop drooling. Take a failed relationship as water under the bridge.