What is love? And let the whole world wait!

I’m in love! And the city is different. And people are just good. And it feels kind of like lively, interesting, beautiful, and young vibrations. And do not go, do not even running away - fly away. I’m ready to move mountains - for the sake of a single glance. All this sparks unbridled energy, presenting it once the whole world. And where only a desire to give comes from? You are in love, and it seems like the whole town, the whole country, the planet ... a wave of elation, euphoria rises in the chest. Breathe and live in love itself. Learn more with our talk to strangers blog.

What is love? Questions, questions, questions...

My first question, relating to the world around me was "what is love?" I remember my mother with a sad kind of sank into a chair and considered. Was silent for a long time looking at you, maybe someone remembering, and then said: Then I calmed down. But after a few years, I realized that love is happiness, and even affection is almost. And a complete chapter of the affair is too. But what is love? Why do we love? We do all capable of this feeling that turns a second life, and makes you think in a new way? In today's world, saying "I love you", meaning "I like you", "I want you", and, in rare cases, "I love you." We are so accustomed to this feeling, its presence in the air, and words that have ceased to understand what it is. Someone said that love is a punishment. But it is in itself positive, and the pain it brings to us. When we suffer because of love, we suffer not because of its availability and the fact that the object is not reciprocated or does not behave as we would like. From the fact that it does not turn into the image those we ourselves invented.

What is love? And do you know how to love?

A man looks at life through the prism of their own perception of it. The question "what is love" always entails the question "Do I know how to love," or "Do all know how to love"? Previously, I was 100% sure that Love - a gift that is given to each person, just someone who uses it, some do not. And someone deliberately freed, received several cardiac injuries. It appears, in fact, most of us are able to develop that attachment, desire, perhaps sympathy. But not love. The state of love is a state of the visual vector in higher development. Happiness, emotion, the ability to perceive the world in a completely different way is the ability to love this world. Compassion as it is. And love. People with visual vector are the most emotional. Depending on the state can either give love to the world around them (people, animals, the needy) or to require her to him and become a consumer? Ask your inner sight, what is the meaning of life, answers without hesitation: in love. Such that for the chest to mad, to shiver. To breathe it was impossible! Visual Love is lady capricious, unbalanced. This feeling is about to return. When the eye vector is developed in a person, there is no place to fear, it's all pushed out. Nothing pulls down. And it seems that you can fly. You radiate powerfully, almost blinding feelings haze spreading happiness around the loved one.