Is it possible to fall in love with someone on the Internet?

Today, many are concerned by question - whether love exists on the network? On the one hand, we see how marriages are between people who met through the Internet, and more and more often the question "where did you meet", we get the answer - "the Internet." On the other hand we hear the warnings of parents and history of fraud and deception, violent games on feelings issued for online love. Yes, love for many Internet is a great way to fraud in order to extort money, but for someone just a game. But today is not about that.

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I accept the idea that online dating can lead to love, but...

This happens in a lot more events, but not on the Internet, but ... in the real life. And start with the fact that gives the correct definition of its status and its relations. The fact that your relationship that you have are mistaken for love, are now not yet at the level of love, but only at the level of interest. For a start you need to satisfy your interest in each other, which have arisen due to the communication on the Internet. It is necessary to know each other and understand the reality of who you really are.