Is it possible to fall in love with someone on the Internet?

Today, many are concerned by question - whether love exists on the network? On the one hand, we see how marriages are between people who met through the Internet, and more and more often the question "where did you meet", we get the answer - "the Internet." On the other hand we hear the warnings of parents and history of fraud and deception, violent games on feelings issued for online love. Yes, love for many Internet is a great way to fraud in order to extort money, but for someone just a game. But today is not about that. For people who really want to find happiness, and it seems that already found love on the internet, really scary is that everything can be an illusion... Learn more about love in the Internet with our talk to strangers blog.

Is there love on the internet?

In order to determine whether there is truly love on the Internet, you have a good understanding of what love really is. A system-vector John Burlan psychologist helps us to answer this question.

"Love is the highest point of emotional amplitude of spectator"

Let us explain: spectator is a person with visual vector. He knows more than anyone else to create an emotional connection with others. Not only human beings but also of animals, plants, and even inanimate objects. This is the most emotional of all vectors. And the strongest emotional connection - is love. Looking ahead to say that love is in the network is more common among people with visual and audible vectors. In order to form an emotional connection to a person, including love on the internet, it is not necessary to be with him, to feel his touch, inhale the scent of his body. To experience compassion for the child left without parents after hearing his story on TV, do not touch this kid, I do not even hear his voice, see it quite full of melancholy eyes, and hear the sentimental drama of his life. This is enough even for the emergence of the Internet love to this child.

Pity, compassion, sympathy - these are the same emotions, like love, only love is many times stronger.

Therefore, you can love a person as well, without feeling it, not seeing, not hearing. But knowing that he or she is communicating, sharing, sharing with you the experiences, thoughts and reasoning. So shaped love on the internet. Moreover, the Internet is often stronger than love ... love the contact. To understand why, it is necessary to see how relationships are formed in the «off-line» mode.

Love is in the network and in the "real world"

The relationship in life, as we used to call it - the «real», as a rule, is formed on the basis of attraction. People begin to feel sympathy for each other, and did not immediately realize that its roots lie in the sexuality of each of them. Passion is what comes to the fore in such a relationship, she also kills them ... The situation is different in the case of love on the web, but more on that comes later. Sexual contact between people only started their relationship up for their sexual desire, almost completely deprived of their desire to create a strong emotional connection. The drive goes even "ideal" couples do not create an emotional connection, sexual attraction to each other takes place after approximately three years - hence there was the theory of "the crisis of three years."

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