I accept the idea that online dating can lead to love, but...

This happens in a lot more events, but not on the Internet, but ... in the real life. And start with the fact that gives the correct definition of its status and its relations. The fact that your relationship that you have are mistaken for love, are now not yet at the level of love, but only at the level of interest. For a start you need to satisfy your interest in each other, which have arisen due to the communication on the Internet. It is necessary to know each other and understand the reality of who you really are. At this stage, the opportunity of discovering of something that will allow you to treat each other with the respect and move your relationship in to a higher level of respect. And it possibly cannot be found out, and then this relationships will end. Once again I remind you that everything happens in reality; and respect that you feel for each other, of course, if you feel it be real, i.e., it will be the stage, where a real person respects the real person. If it happened, and you began to respect each other, you have the option (one only opportunity) to rise to the next level of relationship - to friendship. It is here that come to the fore such things as mutual sympathy, trust, honesty, unselfishness, common interests. And even if all this happens between you, it does not mean that you love one another. It is merely a friendship. But only with this condition and you can move to a state of love. For this, it is necessary only to understand that both of you are each other's ideas throughout. Not ideal in all respects people and people who, with a certain number of shortcomings, with all this are absolute ideals for each other.

Well, now tell me, why is it so difficult?

I mean the internet. Why we are looking for love on the Internet? Why tolerate the idea that love can be found on the Internet, through random text chat on the Internet? It is nearly stupid. The stupidity of those who decided to cheat life. Life - it is primarily real people, rather than a good talker on the Internet. And chat with people on the internet - it is not communication in reality: on the street, at work, in clubs and sections in circles and courses. Look for love in reality and do not look for it anywhere but in reality. And even though, do not allow, that your love may be somewhere other than in the real world. In your love and will be advantages and disadvantages, and these flaws and these advantages are the very person who will be your ideal for you, with all your strengths and weaknesses, and become ideal. And the Internet ... the Internet - it's unreal. I would even say, all too unrealistic. It doesn’t mean that such concept doesn’t work for everybody, but, and it is hard to say, the true love doesn’t exist when you can’t meet your loved one, feel his or her smell, touch his or her body, feel the warm, look straight in the eyes –without this ingredients you can’t make  a true love. Internet helps only to learn the inner world of the person, but that is not enough.