How to understand others on the Internet?

The actions of others cause us a variety of emotions and feelings (in this case I mean the feeling, as an emotional human process reflects a subjective estimate related to all sorts of objects). Other people are perceived by us, depending on the emotions and the feelings which they have caused. We can experience a variety of emotions to people, and depending on it to be with people in different ways, which determine certain conditions. So, I'm talking with you about those emotions which we feel for other people, and about the conditions in which we find ourselves in relation to others. I will not list all the states. I will list only the four most important conditions that are necessary for a person to be happy: the interest, respect, friendship, love. Just draw your attention to the fact that being in these states, the person may experience a variety of feelings and emotions that are not determined by the state and are solely the result of these conditions. Alas, too many people, not all, but many people do not know how to interest the others. It is only at first glance it may appear that show an interest in other people - it's very easy and simple. That's the whole point, that it is a very difficult, very difficult. It is not easy to be interested in who your parents are or who your children. It is not easy to be interested in someone who is your wife or your husband. What really here to talk about other people. Who are the people who surround me? How do they live? What are their dreams? What are their goals? That's what the show to the people of interest. Read more about this with our omegle random chat blog.

Only showing to interested people and not before, a person can feel the respect for others.

Showing interest in your parents, recognizing your parents, realizing their goals, the reasons for their behavior, their mood, and the children begin to appreciate and respect their parents. The same applies to other people. We are starting to show an interest in them and recognize their good sides and it naturally causes us to respect him. Applies only with respect to a person, we can begin to establish with him unselfish personal relationships based on trust, sincerity, patience, mutual sympathy, common interests and hobbies. In other words, only after we learn to respect the person, we will be able to learn how to make friends. And until, for example, children will not respect their parents, and it's not going to happen before they will be interested in them, they cannot be friends to their parents. Please note that these quality relationships as unselfishness, trust, patience, sincerity, mutual sympathy, common interests there and then, when there is no love. It is very important to understand that, first of all, do not confuse friendship with love (especially parents), and secondly, it is not love compels or forces a person to be unselfish, loyal, tolerant, sincere and feels sympathy for another person, and his skill and ability to make friends, which a person has already had possessed before he met his love. Moreover, a person could not, in principle, to meet the love, as long as he did not have all of these capabilities, as long as he was not able to be friends.