How to make the first step to the relationships on the Internet?

Most of people understand that before you learn to run, you must learn to walk, and to go before you need to be able to stand on his feet, but before getting to his feet, very much to have to crawl. Having started to crawl, and then getting to his feet, a man learns to walk. Learning to walk, a person can learn to run. This is understandable and it makes no sense to prove it and write an article on this topic. But when it comes to love, there is, for some reason, sanity, and it leaves the person, roughly speaking, before rising from her knees and learn to stand on their feet, and then to go immediately decides to run. Very often I have heard from some that you cannot learn how to do love, that love is something that comes from above and is given to man once and without any preparation. Oh well! Come, speak! Over! Now I'm not going to argue with those who think that love comes over to him and everything happens to the other. What I want to say, I am one of those who understand that nothing and no one comes to the person over, but everything in life happens solely in consequence of his intentions, thanks to his imagination, dreams, desires and goals, their own, based on his knowledge, skills, abilities, capabilities, attitudes to life and more to do with the man himself and nobody else. I will speak about love and those who are waiting for her more than you can stop reading.

Very often, we all have heard that you need to love all people

We hear it all the time, almost every day we hear that it is necessary to love; we must love not only ourselves our friends, our relatives, and other people, and even our enemies, and do all and everything in the world, in including the nature and homeland, and so on ad infinitum. I'm not going to say that a person cannot love more than someone else; I have too much spoken about this, and on this subject already (read more with our omegle text chat blog); I now want to talk about something else. Now I want to talk about that before people learn to run, he must learn to walk. And even if you are sure that you can enjoy right of many, loved ones, your friends, strangers to you people, their enemies, nature, homeland, his summer residence, your car and so on, even in this case, you cannot love, until you learn to make friends with people and make friends, you cannot until you learn to respect people, respect the people you cannot before you learn to interested people. My dear readers, seeking to ensure that meet your love (whether in the motherland's face, or the face of your enemy, or, finally, in the face of the sole, or the sole, from which, or to which you do not want to leave ever, it does not matter), you need to understand one very simple rule: interest -> respect -> friendship -> love. Not able to take an interest in other people, with good intentions, is not able to ensure that the respect of others. Do not learn to respect other people; it is not able under any circumstances to be friends with people. A person, who does not know how to be friends, never be able to love and be loved.

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