Although it is hard to say, you have the partner that your self-esteem determines. Your self-esteem is the fundamental basis to choose who you approach and whom you choose as a couple. The couple you have in life is the one that was chosen based on the self-esteem of the moment. Keep your eye on our romantic blog and welcome to our chat, where you can talk to strangers.

The couple you have determines what you can tolerate

Your partner reveals you, says who you are, what you aspire to in life and how you are capable of living. Your partner will always be a mirror. There you will see who you are and everything you think you deserve in life. When you choose someone to be your partner, you are choosing based on what you think you deserve in life. Your partner will always get to where you let him / her arrive. When you stay with your partner, the only thing you are saying is what you can do to keep what you have. The morality of your partner, as long as you stay by his side, will be saying what your moral is too. Tell me how much you can bear your partner and I will not tell you when you love him but if that is your self-esteem. If your partner makes you immensely happy so be deeply bad, and then he is a good match for you. If your partner does not love you and you follow by his side then who does not love is you. Being with a person who hurts you clearly implies that you do not know how to take care of yourself. If you need a good company – visit our video chat with strangers.

Your partner will always determine your love for yourself

Many couples are not together for love but for lack of love. To live next to someone implies that that someone also lives next to you, does not always take that into account. The fear of loneliness sometimes keeps the couple together much more than love does. If your partner gives you bad life, which is really giving bad life are you. Your partner will always define your aspirations in love. The choice of the couple is always determined according to your prejudices about yourself, the loneliness and the future. Your partner defines your expectations. One ends up joining with that which is able to wait and obtain. If your partner is unfaithful and forgives, define what you think of infidelity. Who you end up living with is what you finally end up accepting. Waiting for your partner to change is to expect to love another person. You cannot love someone if you are not capable of loving yourself. If you do it is not love, it is certainly dependence. To love without being reciprocated is only to declare that you do not know where to place your love.

Your partner will always reflect what you expect from love

To love someone who just wants sex with you is to declare how far you can go to love you. There is nothing wrong with loving someone who does not deserve the love they give you, the point is for you to do it. It is not possible to have a partner and not be influenced by it. Tell me what you suffer and I'll tell you what a couple you have. If you think men are bad do not complain about being alone. If you think women are bitches do not complain about loneliness. Nothing says more about us than our partners. Your self-esteem will always look the same. If your partner is jealous he is always declaring that you are not trustworthy. No matter who you mate with, it will always be someone you chose.