SEX WITHOUT TABOOS (not suitable for moralists)

Moral rules kill the taste of full sexuality. The more prejudice orgasm. Social norms should not get into the bedroom. The bed is a place where standards set the lovers. The moralist always hides a sexual pervert who fears him deeply. Sometimes love is a nuisance for a sex at all rag. The more sexual repressions you have the more unhappier you are and you will do to your partner. Keep eye on our blog and join our chat where people can talk to strangers.

Every sexual act implies some aggression

Romantic sex after a while is very boring. In my opinion bisexuals are privileged. Orgasm wanted, orgasm denied. Erection is the most rebellious act of the body. If you demand or ask to have it, it disappears. What is the only thing that could never lie in the act of sex? An erection. In my opinion those who refuse to have sex miss a wonder created by nature. Although socially immoral, triplets are always a social act. After a certain age, in my opinion, virginity is a mental illness. Those who change couples (swinger) have always seemed to me the least dishonest people. Without putting the moral, lies do not say. The height of humiliation itself? Have anal sex to remain virgin. It only shows how the social made you hypocritical at the pathological level. Those who enjoy sex to their full expression of pleasure do not think there is anything disgusting in the sexual act. There are too many men swallowing flies while they think their women do not like some roughness in sex.

Sometimes love is used to have the moral excuse of getting into bed to have sex

In my opinion there are times when fidelity makes sexuality boring. Many times an infidelity activates the bed in the couple. If, size matters, stop fantasies and tales of the road that no. Sexual liberality will always win the party to the moralists; this has been the case throughout the history of humanity and will continue to be. Give me a taboo and I'll give you a frustrated. Having a bad lover should be illegal. While some enjoy in bed until tired, others only practice simple and routine sex. The territoriality of love sometimes encloses the possibility of expanding the sexual horizons. Not everything is sex but as long as we convince ourselves of that better it is to have it until the fatigue. Woman who does not ask to be given, do not give. Orgies, exchanges, bacchanals in real life and free adult chat rooms. Since the beginning of history they have been. The truth? They will never disappear. Some men lie about love to get sex. Some women lie about sex to get love.

Man who asks does not always give him

I know it will sound terrible but if, sometimes in bed you have to treat them like whores. A woman who feigns orgasm fears that she is left by a guy who is a bad lover. If it is not low self-esteem, I do not know what that will be. Aggressive non-consensual sex is immoral. Consensus is a divinity. The less you scandalize about sexual matters, the more you will enjoy learning about it.