There are lovers who are so bad they should rather be called hating. The art of the lover is more than a sexual art; it is an art of love of the sexual. The problem of marriage is that it sometimes separates lovers, these being the same ones who got married. In the sexual, the amatory is implicit in the desire that the other enjoy. Enjoy our blog and welcome to our chat where users talk to strangers.

A lover fixed in the genital will never surpass a lover fixed in the love

The sexuality does not necessarily imply the love, but any act that leads to pleasure to another is at least a loving act. Insofar as you produce pleasure in your lover, the more pleasure you tend to generate yourself. It is the art of the good lover. It makes no sense for lovers to separate as long as sex is the ultimate. When that happens, they stopped being lovers and were couple. It is not a question of sexual pleasure techniques; it is a question of learning techniques of love that produces sexual pleasure in the other. You cannot be a good lover in the absence of love. Without that ingredient you will only have good "sex partner" but not "lover". The lover who does not take care of the pleasure of the other has no value. All relationship starts in phase I give you, then it goes to phase you give me. In sexual terms, if this happens, orgasms. The quickies only make sense when the promise of something longer and more intense is present There is no pleasure in just getting pleasure. If we have 5 senses, why in sex use only the genital? Amatory art is different from sexual art. The first requires soul, the other requires genitals. With sex is traded, with love not. Paying for love is no business for anyone. The search for orgasm is the most efficient ingredient to not achieve it. If you are looking for a virtual company this night – you may find it on our chat rooms for adults.

No good lover felt sorry for anything

As long as you think sex is in the genitals and not in the brain, you have not yet become a good lover. Although many think the opposite, for me, the lack of female orgasm is a male problem. Love and desire do not necessarily go hand in hand but when you want, love is very good aphrodisiac. The experience of the good lover does neither age nor quantity, does the sensitivity to give pleasure to the other. The trick of seduction is that it seems you are not seducing. It is more efficient to seduce without appearing sexual than to sexualize seduction. The higher the level of sexual need the less likely it is to find someone who will satisfy you. As long as you think the clitoris is the sexual center and not your heart, you will produce orgasms but not loves. Insofar as you seduce with your physical attributes, do not complain but value your sentimental attributes. It is a contradiction to love and attack, unless you practice sadomasochism and even there, aggression is a loving act. The man has eleven penises. Who understands the riddle, it is possible to achieve pleasure at first hand. To the extent that a woman learns that her vagina is the center of man's universal desire, she dominates it. If you think about sex, you lose the orgasm. All amatory practice is basically an improvisation of chords under an already written music.