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Myth or reality: emotional infidelity

Over time, much has been written and written on the subject of infidelity: its implications, consequences and the emotional damage it causes in people who have been deceived. However, does an emotional infidelity affect sexual intercourse? Do men and women live it? Learn more with our blog and welcome to our talk to strangers video chat.

Types of infidelity

We begin by defining what infidelity is; According to the Real Academia Española the word infidelity comes from the Latin infidelĭtas, which means lack of fidelity. Therefore it implies the lack of loyalty to any moral commitment in a love or erotic relationship. That is to say, to be unfaithful is to consciously break a pre-established affective or sexual agreement for the type of relationship chosen, which is generally monogamous. As for the types of infidelity is meant as sexual infidelity to the relationship that is based solely on attraction and sexual relations, while emotional infidelity, is characterized by a relationship based on love, without a sexual contact.

Causes of infidelity

The causes of infidelity are as varied as the people who inhabit the planet earth and may be related to personality and individual erotic history; Dissatisfaction, boredom, curiosity, search for novelty, narcissism, revenge, disloyalty, loneliness, need for love, poor communication, crisis in the couple, among others. However, although many couples usually consider it as the cause of a crisis in the couple, in fact when it happens, it is because the couple had already been left behind much earlier. If you are looking for a good chat – try our free adult chat rooms.

Differences between men and women

Evolutionary theories developed by David Buss and his colleagues argue that men are more concerned about sexual infidelity than women, while women are more affected by the possibility of being cheated emotionally by their partners. To support these claims, evolutionary psychologists relied on the difference between men and women, the amount of energy to be invested, and the ability to transmit genes during reproduction. While men produce a high amount of sperm, women have only one chance to pass on their genes, and as for energy inversion, what a man takes a night of sex, for a woman represents 9 months of investment. For this reason, men would be more likely to seek the largest number of sexual encounters that would allow them to transmit their genes, while women would seek a small number of potential partners, privileging quality rather than quantity. On the other hand, the woman would always have the certainty that the son is his, while the men would not have that de facto certainty, so they would be forced to watch over their partner and keep away potential competitors to be sure that the Breeding is his, hence he was so afraid of sexual infidelity. In the case of women, the opposite would occur, since they would seek for the man to commit to resources for the survival of the children, and the existence of another competitor with children could deprive his offspring of possibilities, reason why they developed an alarm before Emotional infidelity, since only a man in love would stay long enough to provide resources to a child.