Learn how to love part 3

So what is love? Love - is a job. Yes, my friends love is nothing but every day and stressful work. The only question is: as something actually is about to work, then have I do empathy, selflessness, sacrifice and selflessness again, tolerance. Here's something to work with, when we talk about love. And when you decide to learn how to love someone, you first learn to sympathize, empathize, to understand the suffering of others, to see when the other patients, and to suffer from it in the same degree that suffers the one you love. But to sympathize with anyone is not to love with this person. Otherwise, we would have said that love and compassion - are united, and that sympathy is love. Another thing is that sympathy is required quality, which has to be developed in you, so if you want to love, but its quality is far insufficient. Talk about sacrifice. How much are you willing to sacrifice in the name of someone you love? And what if you are willing to sacrifice? If not, then there is nothing to say about love. And what good is that you sympathize with his neighbor when you are not ready to sacrifice them for the sake of it? Around us a lot of tragedies and we sympathize with those who are in misery, but ... to sacrifice yourself for the loved one? No that this probably should not be in a hurry - after all, we do not like them. We do not like those who are in trouble, and so we, though, and sympathize with these unfortunate, but ... to sacrifice yourself? Dismiss it and learn more with our talk with strangers blog.

But what happens when I want to learn to love another person? How can I be in relation to your wife or husband?

The answer is simple: when it comes to love, compassion one cannot do, and you need more and to sacrifice for the sake of your wife or husband. But here is another important aspect of love you need to consider. The unselfishness. It turns out that there is no selfishness in love. This is very unusual for us to agree. We are, of course, sympathize with and are ready to sacrifice them, but ... we mean and why do it if necessary. And then it tells us that there should not be any benefit from the fact that you sympathize and sacrificing yourself. But that's not all. Tolerance. Few realize, is also a need to endure. Not by chance, I spoke about the patience. It is not that the quality of what you must have if you want to be able to love must follow one another in a certain order. There is no order, and these qualities just have to be  compared. But the fact is that patience is not enough for person when it comes to love. We'll talk about it, and now touch on how love is there. It is clear that it is impossible to arouse love in the other person alone sympathy, tolerance, unselfishness and sacrifice. And these qualities are not the source and the cause of love, no. But these qualities are necessary for the preservation of love and maintain it. But as for the very reason that makes us want to serve another person selflessly, to show him patience, pity, and to sacrifice for the sake of it, it can be different and it varies depending on how a person spiritually developed. But on the causes of love, that is the basis of love, we will talk next time.