Learn how to love part 2

It is necessary to improve every day. Man is obliged every day to do something that would strengthen its perfection. To perfect means to get better. Better - it does not mean better in something specific, but absolutely everything. It is impossible to improve in something specific, to become, for example, an outstanding musician and still consider him as a perfect man. The process of improvement of man - is the process of a very, very long. And the process of improving a person cannot be reduced to a few tens of years. A person needs for their improvement a few million years, and for some people and a few billion years is necessary in order to become a perfect person. Learning to love, to become a person who can love is the most important component of the perfect man. And until you have learned to love, you will not feel the satisfaction of improving himself in the other. When I speak of human perfection, I mean his ability, his talents, a person in itself reveals, and who learns to apply, learning to use. In each of us, in each of the people, and without any exception, it is very, very many abilities and talents. Another thing is that these abilities are not disclosed to us. But you will agree that this is a slightly different question. And talk about the reasons why some people and trying not to reveal their talents, to disclose their abilities, of course necessary, but not here and not now. Learn more about love in the internet with talk to strangers chat.

Now we are talking about those who understand that there is hidden and who is trying to get out of it yourself.

But for some reason people do not fancy going on how to reveal a capacity that will bring tangible benefits and will bring glory. And do we try to develop the only thing that will bring us any material gain or glory, and do the same with their children. Why? It's very much limits us. Why do we limit ourselves? Why do we limit ourselves and our children? And as a result we become ... to artisans. Yes. Yes! It is in the artisans we are turning. But unless we become outstanding craftsmen, becoming a perfect man? Of course it isn’t.

You know what the worst thing?

The worst thing is that you can develop the skills, which will allow becoming an outstanding (paid and glorious) craftsman, but did not learn to love. The paradox is that even that even an honest person, you must be if you want to become an outstanding craftsman, but love to be able to at the same time it is not necessary. Today, it is impossible, for example, to achieve outstanding results in the commercial sphere without impeccable honesty. And people understand it and learn to be honest, but ... all this easily possible without love. But why, some ask, why would a man be able to love, if it is already able to achieve great things? It turns out that a person must learn how to love only in order to be happy. The relationship between these concepts is very, very simple. And as long as you do not like, and until you do not have love, you will not be happy.