Learn how to love, part 1

Loving is not everyone can do. Love is not so simple, and it is necessary to learn. From early childhood, as soon as we become aware of the world and in this world, we begin to learn to love. But this does not always happen. In most cases, this does not happen. Most often we begin to learn to play tennis, skating, some even in three years, already know how to play chess. We are very much starting to learn from an early age, but not always learn to love. Then we wonder why it is, they say, people do not love each other? And why should they love themselves? And how can you love, if you cannot it? And then we, the ones who do not know how to love, accept the love of what love is not. Some of us take for love craving. Others think that love - it is self-sacrifice for the sake of another. There are those who do not think about the fact that love - is to commit certain actions, and not just to experience some feelings. Learn more with our Omegle random chat blog.

Emotion exists by itself. Why does action? But what about the action? What kind? Someone told us that love is some action, which actions exactly?

We were assured that love is just a feeling that comes to us at some point in our life and everything. What does some action? What do any actions? And most of the world really believes that love is a feeling which comes suddenly ... just suddenly goes away. But this is the main misconception. And love does not come suddenly, although this feeling, or rather, not a feeling, but the result of specific actions, which is accompanied by a feeling. And love does not come suddenly, and suddenly disappears. And if you do not put any effort, and suddenly blazed to someone love, then ... how deep you are mistaken! And the reason of your delusion that you have never thought about what love is.

And so you must learn to love. And the sooner you realize this, the better.

We are taught to love the neighbor. But as a person that loves his neighbor, if a person does not know how to love? Man looking at the woman who is his neighbor, and waiting for that is about to appear that same feeling of love ... But no more. There is this feeling of love for one's neighbor. It does not appear, it is a feeling. And it turns out that the man has no love for the neighbor. And there is no hatred, but there is no love. And what then? How to be? After all, we are asking for is that we love our neighbor, and we do not like. We try, we try to love, but ... we cannot. And there is no try. Why to try when you do not know how to love and what love is. How can you love your neighbor when you do not know how to love? But some people stubbornly insist that love is a feeling which arises as soon as you meet a cute little face of the opposite sex. That, they say, if the cute little face, and even the figure of a young and beautiful, then I fall in love with the great pleasure of others. And we offer someone to love? Poor and ugly? With the ugly muzzles? How can you love the ugly faces? This is basically impossible. Jokes aside. The consequences of this error are more dangerous and worse than that in books. Divorce, child abandonment, abortion, abandoned by parents age, hatred of brothers and sisters - this is a small list of things that people have not learned to love.