Intimate gymnastics health and virtuoso sex part II

Jade eggs, intimate simulators and good old Kegel. We could write here that train the pelvic floor muscles is very useful, and put a full stop. But words cannot erase songs: side effect - magical sex. One can endlessly improve and send the partner to the seventh heaven. Learn more with our talk to strangers blog.

According to Victoria opinion, ideally Taoist practice (elasticity) and CVMbuilding (force) should be combined, after all, in practice, all individually. "If a woman comes to training after the birth - pelvic floor muscles are stretched, thin wall of the vagina, insensitive - from Taoist practices will not be confused, it is necessary to work with the exercise equipment to strengthen," - she explains. Girls with overinflated press, on the contrary, learn to relax - simulators they are contraindicated.

"Many people say," How can I relax? I immediately there will be a "bucket".

Come again and head to work ", - complains Ray. And sluggish muscles, and, conversely, spastic lead to insufficient blood circulation in the pelvis - is the cause of many diseases. Choosing the right intimate exercise improves blood circulation, and thus prevents the occurrence of gynecological problems. If the problem is already there, then, before you rush to the winds, consult your doctor. We decided to do an intimate fitness by you? Keep in mind that during exercise cannot be to strain the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks and legs - otherwise all efforts will go in them. But those who are serious about becoming a sex goddess, better to go to the training with an instructor. You can enroll in a private lesson or group - yes, despite the intimacy of the process, there are, as long skirts and instructors the ability to create a relaxed atmosphere save embarrassment. If you want to do some practice – welcome to our free adult chat rooms.

Exercise number 1 with vagiton laser

This machine is ideal for beginners. Insert a laser pointer into the handle and put the ball in the vagina over the entrance to the muscles. Aim the beam at the wall and start to draw and relax the pelvic floor muscles. Abdomen and buttocks relaxed. Keep track of the movement of the beam along the wall: to retract it will sink, while relaxing - rise. The greater the amplitude, the muscles work better.

Exercise number 2 with jade egg

Egg jade - the progenitor of modern simulators, used to this day. It is believed that jade has a beneficial effect on women's health. Eggs should be of good quality, better - with a certificate. Place it over the entrance to the vagina muscles. Retractable and relax the pelvic floor muscles. When retracting the egg will rise, with the relaxation sink?

Exercise number 3 Kegels method

Lie on your back. Pull your pelvic floor muscles for 5-10 seconds; relax for 5-10 seconds. Repeat 10 times. If possible, perform the exercises three times a day. Do not strain your abdominal muscles, buttocks and thighs. Do not hold your breath. Important: the right muscles are easiest to detect, delaying urination. But we train them so cannot be - it would weaken the muscles.