Intimate gymnastics health and virtuoso sex, part I

Jade eggs, intimate simulators and good old Kegel. We could write here that train the pelvic floor muscles is very useful, and put a full stop. But words cannot erase songs: side effect is magical sex. One can endlessly improve and send the partner to the seventh heaven. Learn more about relationships with our talk to strangers blog. Women were concerned about strengthening the intimate muscles from time immemorial. And in ancient China, and Japan, and East virtuosity "love muscles" was a matter of important and honorable. The subject of the pelvic floor muscles (the ones that support the pelvic organs from below) was opened about in 1948 with the filing of the American gynecologist Alfred Kegel exercises famous author. He argued that the regular contraction of these muscles will help prevent unpleasant disorders like urinary incontinence and prolapse of internal organs and even get rid of the existing symptoms. Expectations were met: training has a therapeutic effect and also significantly improves the quality of sexual life in women: orgasms occurred often achieved more quickly and were more intense than ever before.

When muscles become tone, conscientious training often end in orgasm.

In Russia, the ideologist and promoter (CVM - controlled vaginal muscles) was Vladimir Muranivsky. However, he was not a doctor, and, in contrast to the Kegel, more interested in the sexual aspect of the problem: making sure personal experience that strong vaginal muscles - the key to a great sex, he decided to carry useful knowledge to the masses. "Now there are two main areas of intimate training - Taoist practice and CVMbuilding aka MIbuilding, MI - intimate muscles, - says sex therapist and instructor of intimate muscles training studio Beauty" East-West "Victoria Ray. - The first developing femininity and sexuality, increase the elasticity of the muscles, all the exercises are done through relaxation, due to the movement of the abdominal muscles and breathing. CVMbildingom same - it is strength training. " Want to have some fun? Try our video chat with strangers.

Anatomy Lesson

The walls are lined with smooth muscles of the vagina. This type of muscle, unlike striated, consciousness is not controlled, and hence they can not pump exercises. But the first third of the vaginal canal surrounded controlled muscles: the front vagina squeezes, rear - muscle lifting the anus, which together with the PC muscle forms the pelvic diaphragm. They are something, and strengthened through CVMbuilding. "All of these muscles is necessary to distinguish, to feel, to be able to draw on the turn and relax. The isolated work of each of them gives unique skills in sex, "- Victoria says. The volume of the upper part of the vagina is also possible to control: it varies with the intraperitoneal and intrapelvic pressure. With his increasing vagina narrows with decreasing - is expanding. Manage this process can be, in a certain way pulling and relaxing the stomach. This is the Taoist practice exercises and a great variety of simulators. Harness all optional - it is important to find your own.