How to make someone fall in love with you?

It does not matter what methods people seeking love from another person or from other people. But whatever way a person is not elected, the general is in love here will play a man hides his weaknesses, and shows only one respect. And this should not be afraid. This is normal. We have all those who want to self-love, show themselves only with a good hand. And it would be strange if we did the opposite. And we have no problems would not have experienced if we could remain so permanently. In other words, if we could always be brought before another person or to others only by their merits, no problem would have ever happened. But man cannot be so. Rather say, a person may not present itself for a long time exclusively among its advantages. But even then the problems are keeping going. Learn more with our talk to strangers blog.

I remind you that we are still talking about patience

What can be achieved in addition to the dazzling beauty of the object of his love? You do not think about it? Yes, you can get anything you want. The extreme stupidity, for example and no sex scenes will not be able to save your marriage from this problem. Extreme stupidity in addition to the dazzling beauty of your chosen one (or vice versa) requires a lot of patience oh. Do you have it? If not, whether you should marry, or marry your dazzling in the beauty of the chosen? But if you still run the risk of making this step, without patience ... you cannot do. And patience, for you will be the main, where you start. Now we are not talking about how to fix stupid, now we are talking only about patience. On how to deal with stupidity, we'll be sure, but later.

Now a little bit about compassion. Are you able to show compassion for your loved ones?

To be able to sympathize with is a rare quality. They know how to sympathize with the only really strong men. If patience is often needed when dealing with people stupid, more often with people uneducated, underdeveloped, children, for example, although some adults stupidity surpass their children, then here is compassion - that's what most people need are smart. And if it just so happens that your children are clever, or your husband, or your wife is smart, then, above all, better to say, most of all, they need compassion. I am sure that you already understood everything.

Next step is unselfishness

Oh, I almost forgot, back for a few seconds to compassion as well as patience to learn. How to study? The answer is compassion. Start compassion for others because only from this way and more way that you cannot learn. You compassionate kittens, weeping in the pouring rain? And puppies you feel compassion. Now try to be compassionate man. It is not simple. It is much more difficult than to feel compassion for your puppy or kitten. But it is necessary to be able to do. So, what about unselfishness? Speaking about the unselfishness, we have to raise such a thing as ... a person's death. Have you thought about that your husband or your wife will die someday?