How to love part 4

We are nothing but a huge number of shortcomings, which we propose to someone else. But that’s okay, when you deficiencies the individual concern. It's quite different thing when these same deficiencies already forced to endure someone else. That is because the next thing: it turns out that we, when you fall in love, then hide, hide your vices, and drawbacks. And we do not think that sooner or later our shortcomings reveal us. We are unable to hide our shortcomings. Or hope that your husband or your wife is so stupid, so blind not to notice these shortcomings? Do such things happen? But do not see the flaws; it is impossible not to notice the flaws. And what is next? Only one way out is patience. That concerns not only the husband and wife. It concerns the relationship of parents and children. So it turns out that by the age of five or six the child begins to show its flaws. And parents do not have the patience to endure the shortcomings of their children. And later, when the children grow up and begin to see the faults of their parents, they have, in turn, are not able to be patient with your parents. And just like before the parents thrashed their children when they were young, in exactly the same answer to their parents and have grown up children. Of course, not all children of parents beating their ass strap, but there are also more substantial methods of punishment. Parents can be easy to forget, they can be expelled from the house, they can be put in a nursing home, etc. You never know what you can do with your parents, when there is not enough strength to endure their shortcomings. If you are tired of reading – you can spent a bit of time with our talk to strangers chat.

We learn to love. And you must begin to love with patience to someone you love.

Beautiful appearance is one way to get someone to fall in love. But good looks are not able to maintain constant love. But good looks are very well masks, very good at hiding flaws. The man, who falls in love with a beautiful appearance, never thinks about the shortcomings of in love with someone. And even more so, in this case, you must be prepared to tolerate. Because most people are have shortcomings with a beautiful appearance. So it is unfair, and perhaps rightly, it happens that people with good looks are as if in a special account at the company. He is forgiven much and this charity and causes that very beautiful people have a lot of disadvantages. Very nice people do not see their flaws because of their beautiful appearance. Moreover, when a person's flaws start to get out of it, then do their owners sometimes horrified by the realization how monstrous they are and how bad they are. Those people, who are not at the whim of nature to get the perfect look, are more inclined to see a certain disadvantages. And these people have to use other ways of making love themselves. The methods may be different. Some people use their mental abilities for this purpose, others financial opportunities. In any case, now it does not matter, since we are talking about something else but not about true love.