How long love lives: relationships with a shelf life

Columnist Sarah talks about whether to seek eternal love, if in this case there are no guarantees. Absolutely no. Stay online with our talk to strangers blog. Author of best-selling novels "Blackberry Winter" and "Violets in March," columnist lives in Seattle with his three sons.

In her blog, she wonders whether to seek relationship to the grave.

My friend found a very nice guy. But recently, he said the words that led me into confusion. He said: "I'm not sure that we'll be together forever. I'm not sure that it is possible to be with someone forever. " He explained that he wants to spend with her five, maybe ten years. And if you have something beyond that is great. But it will be rather lovely bonus. I asked her friend if she was horrified. She shrugged: "For what reason? I think this is the most romantic confession that I have ever heard" Her reaction - strong and very honest woman - I was amazed, because my words a little bit scared of her boyfriend. What if she would give him ten wonderful years of his life, and on the eleventh he just leave? Suddenly it seemed to him that every relationship has an expiration date, like yogurt? If you want to relax – try our video chat with strangers.

This situation reminded me of my favorite song of Christina Perry the Words, especially the line, where it is said that love is a ghost that cannot be controlled.

It seems to be true, right? We have to admit that in love there are no guarantees - absolutely no. Of course, there are vows of fidelity and marriage contracts, beautiful words that we will be together always. But things can fall apart in an instant. It happens, and happens often. There is a classic line - not from some well-known film, not something from a song, something like, "Good never ends well. It ends badly" Boyfriends words about my friend made me think about what I expect from myself love. Over the past year I have repeatedly said that I would never get married - simply because they do not believe in "forever". My heart was broken; I was disappointed, evil, and cynical. But then I began to change gradually and imperceptibly, stop being afraid of rapprochement of the words "forever" and "marriage". Maybe it's because I finally met the right person (it is beautiful), but can I just let go and took his past.

I saw the love ends, but I also saw it lasts. And I think - no, I know!

- That it is worth the risk. Nobody knows, will you be fine with ten years or fifty, you parted, throwing each other dishes or in a hospital bed, holding hands. But no one can forbid us to believe the best. I say to the man: "I do not have a crystal ball, and I cannot see into the future. I do not know how long we'll be together. But I feel so good around you. And I very much hope that all this will continue until the end of our lives" Maybe I am a hopeless romantic, but I gently moved to the side of "good", and you?