How to define the person through the Internet?

The Body the soul and the spirit - only all of this together create the person. And a person can understand and learn only in real life, and nowhere else. Person is formed in real life as a creature not only spiritual, the ability to generate ideas, to dream, to fantasize, but as a spiritual being; creature that has the character, temperament and emotions, and to the same and as a physical being, the ability to perceive physical reality that can feel the physical reality. No human soul or his spirit does not perceive the physical world. All this makes our body, soul and spirit in this sense - absolute effect. Read more with our talk to strangers for free blog

How do see the world limited in physical capabilities people?

We are talking about deaf, for example, or the blind. How can you say that the loved person, communicating with them on the Internet when you do not know exactly how it goes, and how he sees and what he looks like, and how he hears, what he smells like, what he feel. You cannot love a man without knowing his voice, not knowing how or what he eats. You cannot love a person, not having a clue what emotion the person is experiencing in certain cases. How he behaves when he had a headache and a high fever? How does he feel when failures plagued him one after the other in a few years? How does he cope with the problems? How he behaves, gaining one or another victory? What are his relationships with other people in real life? Whom he considers his real friends? What kind of people he calls his enemies? Whether he takes bribes? Is he able to sacrifice one life to save a million? In what he believes in God and how his faith is expressed in real life? Even if you tell his companion all their shortcomings, and he takes you with all your faults, then it's only "online deficiencies" and no one knows exactly how it will carefully treat your partner in real life. Whether he agrees to put up with them?

I admit that on the Internet you can find a good company, and can seem very interesting to talk to, but…

... It will be interesting if the person in real life? Would interest me in real life, rather than as the source on the Internet? Can you respect that person in real life, and not for his "exploits the Internet"? The online companion may be interesting in real life? What should be respected Internet companion in real life? Can I trust the online companion in real life? If yes, then ... why should I? Trust what? His words and the pictures he posted on his page? You had the opportunity to make sure that he can be trusted in a reality? Do you believe in him as a person in real life? You are honest and sincere to him in real life? And does he actually with you? If yes, then ... then again, why should I? You fully share his goals? His real, his real goals, not those referred to on the Internet. You understand his problem? Is his meaning of life does not scare you? I am sure that this man, in whom you may fall in love over the Internet, you do not know about a hundredth part of what he needs to know about you before you fall in love. And you do not know anything about him, except that he considered it necessary to inform you about himself on the Internet. So did you. You imagine yourself in a certain way, which is considered the most advantageous. The same thing he did.