Bad sex

Many poor bed men are the product of women with low self-esteem who are unable to tell them in the face to improve. There are many men who swear they are good lovers when in fact what they have is a woman afraid to tell them that they are not. Many women pretend to orgasm just so as not to make their partner feel bad, we are talking about the unequivocal symptom of very low self-esteem. Many women who have only had one partner in their life do not know what premature ejaculation is and live a hell without knowing it. Read more with our blog and welcome to our talk to strangers chat.

A man with several women can’t satisfy any of them

When a man generates in a woman the fear of being told clearly about sexuality, he is condemned to a bad sex. The more a man wants a demure and "decent" woman in sex, the more he submits to a rudimentary and fatal sex. The more homophobic and macho a man is, the more fear he has of his possible homosexuality. When a woman is afraid to tell her partner that she has not been able to produce an orgasm, more condemned to frustration is. When a woman is afraid to tell her partner that she is sexually unsatisfied taking care not to feel bad, she treats him as a child and not as a man. A man with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, who does not attend to his problem, also neglects his partner. Tired of reading? Have a good time with our video chat with strangers.

Sexual satisfaction is a right!

Any woman who is afraid to tell her partner that she is sexually unsatisfied puts herself in a position of unfaithful being. If there really was a sin, a very serious one would be to have bad sex. The man who is not interested in the sexual pleasure of his partner does not deserve to have her. The paths of love are full of sexuality. When a woman fears to hurt her partner and for that reason does not say that she is not satisfied the only thing that she does is to humiliate herself terribly. The harsh reality of life is that although there is a lot of love, if there is no sexual satisfaction, in the long run, love dies (less in old age). Sexuality as much as one tries to deny, in a couple is as or more important than love. Many women to feel "decent" fall in love to have sex. A bad sex is always where one or both of them feel unsatisfied. Woman who does not exercise her right to sexual satisfaction is a woman who denies her status as a valid person. Sometimes the pride of men is bigger and more powerful than their erection; therefore, they tend to be humiliated in an infidelity.

Proud and macho man, soft and unsatisfying erection

A woman who is a victim of an evil lover man is a woman who is not able to speak and put things in their place. While living a bad sex, you literally live a bad life. Not that sex is everything, but if it is bad, it encompasses a lot. Decency in the act of sex is always boring. Every woman who feels old for sex is just a woman who says she never had good sex. Lastly, you do not necessarily have to have love to have a good sex. Sounds beautiful and ideal, but it's not true.