14 February Syndrome: how to prepare for Valentine's day if you are single

Why Valentine's Day single women avoid public places, at work, do not enter into discussions about the plans for the evening, , so that no one noticed a bucket of chocolate ice cream and Bridget Jones's on TV? We will prove that on February 14 - in fact, a public holiday. Learn more with our talk to strangers blog.

Anyway, with enviable regularity, received another question from the readers of our blog, I'm going on an amazing journey through the curves of your bizarre logic. "Very soon, Valentine's Day, and I have four months all alone. I do not know what to do! "Just imagine a man older than fifteen years, lined up a chain. However, the problem actually exists, and women - are not the only victims of "Valentine" fever.

You've heard that on 2 January, the State Duma adopted in the second and third reading a bill banning the women to leave the house on February 14 without a male escort? Not heard, of course. At least, because that on 2 January in the whole country, including even the deputies had a day off. And anyway who comes into my head so stupid? Then why on Valentine's Day girl without a ring, marriage certificate, or at least long unsold boyfriend trying to avoid all public places, at work, at once put on the headphones, not to engage in conversations about the plans for the evening, but at home close her window, so that no one noticed the bucket chocolate ice cream and Bridget Jones's on TV? If you want to chill out a bit – try our video chat with strangers.

Broken hearts do not want peace

If you think that this is a rhetorical question - you are cruelly mistaken. In fact, it does not matter at all, but rather a cry of despair. After all, a man who decides evening of 14 February to be published, is entirely surrounded by sugary tedious couples and others like it, adventurers. Honestly, in these circumstances, and fit to become a recluse and this will agree, it is a completely worthless. Why in this day people are still suffering from loneliness, or, conversely, those enjoying the solitude, do not go to meet each other? In the most that neither is a literal sense?

In the end, no one forbids men to rest on March 8. You do not celebrate Valentine's Day, since this time, not with anyone. But who forbids you to have a good time? In general, my dear girl, if it so happened that on Sunday, February 14 you absolutely no busy - wake up early, but better later, and even better - on time, dress warmly and go to the park, a skating rink, a museum, but at least in the library. Perhaps in a year when you're not so free, you still remember this Sunday wistfully.