10 types of single men you meet on the Internet and not only

Sometimes it seems that there is nobody around. Probably every one of us has experienced this feeling at least once in life. But the family coach Lisa Copeland says that these 11 types of single men you've probably come across on the Internet. But one of them will suit you, to you. Learn more with our random video chat blog.

Just a Guy

It is a favorite, just stands out among the rest, and, of course, you choose it in the first place. He is charming and knows how to make you feel on cloud nine. But it is also the main candidate for something to break your heart...

Affectionate one

You have just copied, and he was calling you my girlfriend. He wants to constantly receive messages from you and will call you several times a day. Keep it thus did not take all of your time so you will not be able to communicate with others, perhaps interesting men.

The guy on the bike

Do not miss their profile just for photos with glasses and a helmet: it is worth attention. Many men in the middle of the plant life itself are a hobby. Among these may be doctors, and lawyers, and businessmen.

Man without photos

Dealing with it can be, but in the process of communication, and after him, he will remain the same, what he was: a married man, sitting on a dating site or Tinder.

Romantic at a distance

If you are a child loved to dream, for you it can be an ideal choice. You spend hours on the phone, opening to each other their deepest secrets. However, after a personal meeting "phone chemistry" is not always. As a consultant I met with these couples, who live relatively close to each other, a few hours drive. This is your partner type, if you do not like the routine in the relationship and agree to hold together a weekend.

The guy looking for a psychotherapist

He is looking for a psychologist, and the psychologist - you. For hours and no pay, he will tell you about their problems and doubts. But do not attract this process, look for a more emotionally healthy partner.

"Internet shopper"

One of the funniest profiles is written by those lists that should be his chosen one. "You are tall, slender, ideally - a doctor or nurse, without children, do not smoke ..."But even funnier, after reading a rather big list, be glad that you meet him.


Of course, this is not the scammers, which will ask you for money on the promotion of your future with him extremely profitable business. He will not extort money from you, but he knows how to quickly win your heart. Such men are always very beautiful photos and brilliant data. You will be glad that such a man drew attention to you. And he knows it too.

Young. Very young

For the lady in the prime of life: the Internet is a category of young men do, who are interested in older women, if it flatters your ego, why not? The main thing - to make sure that does not become - and does not begin to take care of him.

The older man

Among them, people can get the old school, honest and straightforward. There may be those who will treat you like a lady. In any case, many of them interesting talk. It is necessary to give a chance to this type of single men at least once.